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Backing you up

Nothing is worse than an unreliable power source for a home or business construction project; we are here to prepare you for any future cuts. With a reliable generator on your side, there will be no need to worry about the problems associated with power-loss.

Generators that work

We supply a number of quality generators that will reliably bring you power for years to come.


Our Honda and Generac machines will be able to take you back into the light when everyone else stays in the dark.

A range of options

Portable generator Huge generator

We know that you have specific needs that must be met, let us help find the right fit for the job.


Featuring a variety of generators of all sizes, the right match is available depending on the amount of electricity you require.

Providing a variety of generators to power your work

Call today and prepare yourself for the inevitable



Give your next project all the advantages by always having access to electricity, contact us today.