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With one of Oklahoma's most diversified commercial products inventory, we are quite literally the "One-Stop-Shop" for all of your Commercial Construction product needs.


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The money that you spend with us, stays in Oklahoma. Locally owned since 1956.

Power Tools

  • Saws, circular, reciprocating, saber, jig

  • Drills, hammer, driver, rotary

  • Demolition hammer

  • Cordless tools

  • Impact drivers

  • Impact wrenches

  • Rotary hammers

  • Sanders

  • Planers

  • Shears/nibblers

  • Screw guns

  • Vacuums

  • Blowers

  • Testing equipment

Hand Tools

  • Concrete finish

  • Masonry

  • Electrical

  • HVAC/Mechanical

  • Plumbing

  • Drill bits

  • Taps & dies

  • Drywall

  • Mechanic tool sets

  • Pliers/cutters

  • Screw drivers

  • Nut drivers

  • Saw blades

  • Hammers

  • Levels

  • Layout

  • Measuring

  • Electric cords

  • Clamps

  • Erection wrenches

  • Pry bars

  • Shovels

  • Stake pullers

  • Hacksaws

Building Materials - Concrete

  • Pier spacing sleds, wheels, bolsters

  • Rebar sand chairs, plastic

  • Rebar wire support, slab bolster, high chairs

  • Dobie bricks

  • Foundation carton void forms

  • Soil retainer

  • Vapor barrier

  • Perimeter insulation

  • Concrete chemicals - curing - hardeners

  • Form release agents

  • Waterstop

  • Chamfer strip

  • Paving dowels

  • Paving baskets

  • Plate & Taper dowels - PNA

  • Wire mesh reinforcing

  • Keyway - metal & PVC

  • Concrete repair & patch material

  • Non-shrink grout

  • Tie wire

  • Wire bar ties

  • Water repellant

Building Materials - Masonry

  • Wire reinforcing mesh - eye wire

  • Anchor & Straps

  • Flashing

  • Mortar net

  • Weep vents

  • Control joint

  • Termination bar

  • Drip edge

  • New masonry cleaner

  • Cavity wall insulation

  • Mortar grout screen

  • Block flash

Project Layout & Survey

  • Hub, grade & lathe stakes

  • Stake wiskers/bluetops

  • Wire flagging

  • Engineer flagging ribbon

  • Upside down marking paint

  • Lime

  • Chalk

  • String line

  • Measuring wheels

  • Digital distance measures

  • Measuring tapes

  • Optical leveling instruments

  • Digital Theodolites

  • Self leveling laser levels

  • Magnetic mounted laser receivers

  • Grade rods - story poles

  • Tripods

  • Plump bobs

  • Pocket laser layout

We stock a large inventory of the following brand names:




STEGO WRAP vapor barrier, seam tape, mastic & CreteClaw, SUREVOID foundation void forms & soil retainer, OWENS CORNING FOAMULAR perimeter insulation,high density under slab insulation for refridgeration and freezer applications, MEADOW BURKE concrete accessories, DAYTON SUPERIOR concrete accessories, AZTEC BUILDING PRODUCT pier spacer wheels, FOUNDATION TECHNOLOGIES pier spacer bolsters, PIERESEARCH pier sleds, bolsters & spacer wheels, RIGHT POINTE expansion joint, expansion void cap, curing compounds and related products. WR MEADOWS expansion joint, expansion void cap, curing compounds and related products, PNA- DIAMOND DOWEL joint doweling and basket systems, single & multi use moisture cure cover, ERECT-A-LINE dowel bar & paving baskets, FITZGERALD concrete form liners, MCTECH GROUP ultra cure blankets, VINYLEX swellable & non-swell & PVC waterstops, VOLCLAY RX101 swellable water stops, SOFF-CUT early entry concrete sawing systems, OZTEC concrete vibrators, ROCKFORD concrete vibrators, VIBRA STRIKE concrete vibrating screed machine, BLACK BEAUTY concrete vibrating screed machine, BUNYAN INDUSTRIES concrete roller screed machine, MORRISON BARTELL power screed machines & spreaders. WHITEMAN power trowels AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!



HOHMANN & BARNARD masonry wire reinforcement, anchors, flashing & accessories,  BLOK-LOK masonry restoration anchors, CAVCLEAR total wall masonry mortar stop products,  MORTAR NET mortar stop products, TotalFlash complete masonry flashing system and weep vents,  HYLOAD Masonry flashing systems,  EACOCHEM NMD80 brick detergent, ADVANCED BUILDING PRODUCTS Mortar Break mortar stop products & flashing, OWENS CORNING FOAMULAR Cavity wall insulation, HUNTER PANEL XCI Foil faced Iso-insulation board, DUPONT TYVEK COMMERCIAL WRAP seam tape, Flexwrap, Straight flash AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!

Contractor's Supply - Construction | Oklahoma City, OK wire mesh sheets owens Stego-Wrap-Field husqvarna_14_inch_cut_off_saw core drill rig laser E3-22S d213-9ne DWHT47142 rebar cap pc4 spacer wheel CCOAT da213 drip edge surevoid carton form SBU sbl bar ties dowels keyway paving basket wire mesh rolls masonry wire waterstop pvc weep tube with wick bluestop rx101 x-seal mortar_net rmax sheathing TEXTROflash vs control joint rebar building-materials-support2-210X300 laser dewalt 3374f02e home-support3-230X340

Slab Bolster Upper

Slab Bolster Lower

Rebar Protection Caps

Rebar Chairs

Perimeter StegoWrap hijacker centralizer

Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier

perimeter & Cavity Wall Insulation

Wire Bar Tie

Metal Screed Key Joint

Pier Spacer Wheels

Paving Basket Assemblies

Smooth Dowel Bars

Centralizer Pier Sleds

HiJacker Pier Bolsters

Wire Mesh Reinforcing

waterstop pvc

Waterstop Products

masonry cleaner

Masonry Veneer Anchors

Masonry Flashing

New Masonry Cleaner

Masonry Flashing Drip Edge

Masonry Reinforcing Wire

Masonry Weeps

Masonry Control Joint

Masonry Anchors for Insulation

Spectra Precision Rotory Laser Levels

Dewalt Rotory Laser Levels

quickie saw

Gas Power Cutters- Husqvarna & Stihl Two Stroke & Makita Four Stroke Barnds

Soff-Cut Early Entry Green Concrete Saws

Concrete Core Drill Rigs

PNA - Diamond Dowels

Hand Tools